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Here’s How You Can Travel In Coron Without Paying Money

Lalakbayin, a registered travel and tour business based in Coron, is launching its 0% interest, no credit card requirement payment scheme starting this July 2022. “Lakbay Now, Pay Later” aims to help travelers plan and execute a trip to Coron, Palawan without breaking the bank. With the help of Lalakbayin, itineraries and travel expenses will be laid out with the budget in mind. 

Coron is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines as it boasts one of the most picturesque sceneries in the country. With limestone cliffs and crystal clear waters, there is no doubt as to why tourists flock to this part of Palawan. This, however, comes with a hefty price point. Anyone who has traveled to Coron knows all too well the amount of money one has to shell out to enjoy their trip. Mark Joseph Laceste, Lalakbayin’s founder and CEO, is an avid traveler and environmental activist. He has worked with various organizations to push for advocacies that help nature and people work together towards a more sustainable future. Living in Coron for ten months amidst the pandemic taught him that people should explore new places as much as they can but he understands that not everyone has the means to do that. After all, with the price of goods soaring, one needs to be wise in spending money. So, he came up with Lakbay Now, Pay Later for those who want to experience traveling now but do not have to worry about paying for it upfront.

Lalakbayin can offer competitive prices as they are partnered with the premier local tour operator in the Calamian Group of Islands. To be eligible for the program, travelers must:

  • Have a booked flight to Coron
  • Must live/reside in the Philippines
  • Be at least above 18 years old
  • Must have a proof of employment
  • Verifiable number and email address 

The following documentary requirements are also required:

  • Proof of booked flight to Coron
  • Valid ID
  • Proof of billing
  • Proof of 2 recent payslips

Life is short and now is the time to seize the moment when it comes to traveling. You can now experience Coron without the hassle of spending all your savings. Limited slots are available for booking so plan your trip now with Lalakbayin!

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