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Voter’s Remorse

I gave away my trusted 3-pin Anker cable a few months ago. With a pin for a USB-A, lightning and USB-C, it was the perfect all-in-one charging cable. 

So, I hunted for a replacement. But perhaps due to the ongoing supply chain crunch, it was out of stock for a few months in Rustan’s and their kiosk in Glorietta. So during my trip last month to Cebu, I checked if they had it there (sometimes, items that are not anymore in imperial Manila are available in the provinces). Unfortunately, no. Rustan’s Cebu had a three-pin, but for a similar sounding brand.

Yes, I got it, but it only lasted like five days. The lightning pin broke while I was charging my phone in my backpack. Goodbye, P1,200. Needless to say, I had buyer’s remorse. 

Thus, I can relate to what a friend told me last night over dinner: some millennials who volunteered and invested their time heavily in the campaign are disillusioned and in despair. Why did the Filipino electorate catapult highly questionable individuals from “politically familiar” families again in office? Have they not learned anything from our history the past 50 years as a nation? And while in this state of crying, pitiful despair, are they experiencing voter’s remorse, perhaps? 

All I can say is this: if things did not go your way today, let all your emotions cascade like a waterfall tonight. Go drown in booze. Smoke a full pack. Pig out on a whole tub of ice cream. Cry all night. Whatever, by the morning you must have moved on. Tomorrow is a brand new day. And the ones after.

Instead of being in despair, and debating all day long about what could have been done, who is the best president we never had, realize that there are things beyond your control. If Filipinos want to suffer more after suffering for so long in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and have their children and grandchildren remain dirt poor, that’s their decision and must be respected. 

Yes, you and your family may suffer some unintended consequences too, but in the end, it’s all about what you can do today and the next six years for yourself, your career or business, and your family’s future. Politics and all extraneous events must not be deemed that important to warrant your mental, financial and emotional health’s distress.

Vote… but this time with your cash & wallets

So why not channel your anger to something more productive? Take note of the undesirables and who helped and pushed for them in this campaign.

Take for instance, the actor. Which PR firm handled him? If you are running marketing campaigns, get another agency. If you’re a consumer, stay away from the products and services that this agency is promoting.

(On the side, I have witnessed an out-of-script antic by the actor in a real estate conference by property portal Lamudi a few years back. He just grabbed the mic. Needless to say, normal Filipinos may find his tirade amusing. I did not. It was all nonsensical. In my table, we just looked at each other flabbergasted. Did we just lose two minutes of our lives listening to bulls__t?)

How about the ultimate winner? Reportedly, his ad agency sports three letters. Again, if you’re an ad or marketing exec, invite other ad agencies for a pitch instead of this three-letter behemoth. When you go to the supermarket, skip those products that this agency promotes in the airwaves.

How about their bloggers and vloggers? Stop subscribing to their Youtube, Tiktok, IG, Twitter, etc. feeds or channels. And if YT, for instance, recommends this vlogger’s new vid, click the “Not interested” button immediately. 

As for the billionaire with political spades who supported a certain candidate, I totally understand. Having served another billionaire for eight long years, I know that he and his wife are just looking out for the future of their business and equally, the business and political fortunes of their three grown children. 

But on a personal front: I will definitely not buy a condo from any of his companies. Not order a latte from his posh coffee shop. Not hydrate with Gatorade from his 24/7 convenience store after my daily afternoon walks. Not deposit my hard-earned money in his startup bank.

And while we’re still at it, not subscribe after he files IPOs for the coffee shop and the upcoming REIT with the stock exchange. 

Moving on… NOW NA

Yes, you are angry. I am angry too, but we all need to move on. NOW NA. And I believe this is a positive way to move forward.

Yes, my dear fellow Filipinos, the elections may have been wrapped up, dusted and results delivered.

But you can still vote everyday… only this time with your wallet, credit card, debit card, Gcash & Maya balances. And QR codes.

So why not be more conscientious when you buy a product or service? Or visit a mall. Or buy a car. Or choose a bank.

It can be as simple as this: when you order food and drinks via Food Panda or Grab, make sure that the restaurant or milk tea branch you select is not in multi-billionaire’s mall. Divert your order to another, more deserving mall run by a family which, according to recent history, had—and have—our country’s interests at heart.

Yes, be ultra OC about EVERYTHING.

Make sure you’re not supporting those who do NOT deserve to be patronized. Make your hard-earned peso be heard. Make your wallet and cash count where it matters. Their bottom line.

For the next six years, at least. 

Mr. Orbigo holds a Bachelor’s in Science degree from the Ateneo de Manila University and an MBA degree  from its Graduate School of Business. He is a well-respected PR Consultant for the property, hotel, food & IT industries, among others. He also runs campaigns as a Marketing Consultant for a boutique property developer.