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D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Inc. completes a new land sale in Aseana City

In January 2022, D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Inc. (DMW) completed another 1,790 sqm land sale in Aseana City. Note that this is a different land sale transaction from the one DMW completed in December 2021; however, the transaction particulars, including the size of the lot sold and the price are virtually identical. 

After our two recent land sales, DMW will still have ~4,200sqms of available land for sale. Note that the parcels of land allocated for future sales are non-core plots to DMW’s own development plan. Land sales are made to parties with planned developments that will contribute to the overall growth of Aseana City. 

“We continue to point to our approach of developing Aseana City holistically as the primary driver of the continued growth trajectory of asset prices in Aseana despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Our recent favorably priced land sales crystallize the value of our assets in Aseana City,” said Mr. Delfin Angelo ‘Buds’ Wenceslao, Chief Executive Officer. 

“These transactions also allowed us additional capital to recycle for the development of our commercial and residential pipeline,” Mr. Wenceslao highlighted.